Monday, 7 May 2012

Magical Crystal Garden at The Stumpery, Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds

18th and 19th August 2012
                                    6th and 7th October 2012(during the Ickworth Wood Fair)

Come and visit the continually evolving stumpery at Ickworth House for the weekend of 18th and 19th August and the 6th and 7th of October as we transform an area of the stumpery into a magical crystal garden.
In their own right, the upturned stumps of trees from an earlier age set out amongst living trees and plants of contemporary life, set within the Italianate garden of Ickworth create a mystical garden of dragons and myths of the past. Combining the esoteric idea of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm, these external gardens represent the internal layout of Ickworth House. Adding crystals, representing the structure of the house with the natural flints and mineral composition of the earth, which are, essentially quartz, help to understand this micro/macro cosmic relationship. Most of our buildings are crystalline; sandstone blocks, red bricks, slate, glass, sand and cement, limestone, lime mortar to name but a few. Combining this with the still much  used Roman building technique of a structure of wooden floors and supporting beams and  windows and carvings contained within a stone one,  there is a strong connection between the buildings, the gardens and the woods we live, work, and play in.
At Ickworth, seen from above, it does seem to represent a particularly unusual space ship ! With its geometric shapes and balanced symmetry between garden and building, east wing and west wing we are reminded of the symmetry that exists in all our crystaline structures represented here during the weekend. This is the same symmetry that exists throughout our modern technology, enabling the transmission of light, through semi conductors of silicon, driving our computors, mobile phones and televisions. The same symmetry indeed, linking classical Greek architecture with Italian Palladian architecture and their connection with the cosmos, beautifully recreated at Ickworth House... who would have believed it... set in the rolling Suffolk countryside !

We will be running a series of workshops relating to crystals, dowsing and ley lines  alongside getting creative with wand making and breaking open geodes for children. There will be dragons, singing bowls and story telling in our yurt, crystal card readings and guidance of how crystals can help with people experiencing challenges in their lives.

Saturday and Sunday workshops:

12.00 Wand making (wood kindly donated by  Ickworth) using crystals, feathers, glitter and leaves
2.30   Talk on crystals, ley lines and dowsing with Cosmo Verner (approx 1 hr)
4.00   Story telling

All workshops and visit to the stumpery are free.
Crystals for wand making are for sale.
All crystals on display in the stumpery and in the yurt will be for sale

We will be collecting donations for East Anglia's Childrens Hospices

The Crystal Energy Centre
07799 393794

Magical Crystal Garden  18th and 19th August /  6th and 7th October 2012
The Stumpery, Italianate Garden
The Rotunda, Ickworth House
Bury St Edmunds
IP29 5QE

Friday, 5 August 2011


When Light shines through water, it creates a prism of rainbow colours that are the infinite reflections and transmissions of the Planetary Spheres in our Universe.

The same thing happens when the Sun shines through us.

We are Light, we are One


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Larimar is a rare and beautiful stone from The Dominican Republic, which is the worlds only known source. It is a pectolite named after the daughter of one of its discoverers, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, Mar.
It is felt by some, that when Atlantis 'fell' from power, Universal Knowledge Power and Wisdom was entrusted to the Cetaceans and particularly Dolphins. Larimar is known as a Dolphin stone because, when, in meditation, you ask to be connected with the energy of Larimar and the Dolphins, you may access this Higher Knowledge which is being transmitted throughout The Universe, holographically by Dolphins.
Larimar could be seen to be a receiver and transmitter of this energy.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

If humans are conductors of Light/Electricity/Love as efficient channels, then every footstep we take will leave an imprint, however subtle, on the surface of Planet Earth.
Through meditation, physical exercise and proper sustenance, we can develop our physical body as an ever clearer conduit.
Using crystals we can transmit this Light through a hand held quartz point out through the tip and create a metaphysical laser beam of Light. This is one of the uses of a 'magic wand' (the word 'magic' esoterically speaking, meaning Love/Light/Electricity).
For example, if the house in which one were living seemed to be uncomfortable or having an energy wanting cleansing, we could grid the house with say Rose Quartz. By placing a piece of Rose Quartz at each corner of the house, one could transmit a laser beam of Light through a hand quartz point 'connecting' each of the stones and seeing each rose quartz connected with a beam of pink Light, we could see the rose quartz themselves connected with source and grounded into Planet Earth. Connect each square of the rose quartz grid to an apex creating a pyramid and imagine this pyramid with 'walls' of rose quartz energy, cleansing and clearing and generally raising the vibration of the place being gridded.

Any stone can be used, notice the difference !


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Rutilated quartz set in silver

Rutilated quartz is a wonderful stone of manifestation, sometimes known as 'Angel hair'. If you have a clear intent, see your dreams fizzing along the rutilations, magnified by the clear quartz, and sent out into the Universe.

These are stones for converting the metaphysical realms (our thoughts and dreams) into physical manifestation.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Danburite & Hematite Metatronic Portal
The energy of hematite is the same energy as the iron oxide (haemoglobin) that makes our blood red. This is one of the reasons that many humans receive relief from hematite bracelets and the like and why the human body can be an amazing conduit of Light. This metatronic can be used to ground angelic/light/love/electric/ray energies through the crown and energy centres grounding into planet earth. It can also be placed on the higher heart centre to allow a flow of Light through the higher heart into the heart, breaking down any barriers that may have been put in place.
Danburite helps connect with higher vibrational energies, Masters & the Angelic Realms.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Metaphysical and Metatronic Ascension Portals
Thats quite a fancy name, but, for the time being, I can't think what else to call them...answers on a postcard please....!!!
Metatrons cube, the Platonic solids and really any sacred geometric shape have always had a draw for me so, as my jewellery skills have been developing over the last few months, I have been creating these miniature Light Temples (another fancy name...) which can be placed on our chakra points for quite a potent energy connection/clearance/balance/recharge.
The one pictured above, has six amethyst cabochons surrounding a Brandenburgh amethyst in the central position, set in silver.
The Star of David is a two dimensional representation of the 3 dimensional star tetrahedron, sometimes known as the Merkabah, our Light Chariot or Ascension vehicle

Monday, 21 September 2009

In the shop last week, we had a bit of a run on ruby's....It is one of those synchronous things that happen often, when, for months, a particular stone may go unmentioned, then one day someone comes in asking for that stone. Well this time it was ruby's turn ! On the same day three people came in asking for ruby...It is possible that they all read the same magazine promoting ruby's ! The funny thing is though, I had also been thinking about these stones too, the day before !
Ruby is known as a stone of life force, a reminder that we are electrical conduits of Light, and when we are fully connected, just like an electrical circuit, we can shine our Light onto others transmitting Love and Understanding, whatever the circumstances.
Ruby transmits a frequency that is in alignment with our root chakra and our etheric field, it can help us understand that there is an infinite flowing energy available to us all, from Planet Earth and from The Universe. It can help us release any difficulties relating to our families and any feelings that we are unloved or unwanted, or fears that we might somehow be left behind.
Ruby can be placed at the base of your bed or kept in your pocket, if you are ever feeling depleted, tired or drained, connect with ruby's energy and ask for your Light quotient to be increased. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, ruby can guide you to a better loving awareness of where true abundance can be found.
With Love and Blessings

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Energy Interference Patterning (EIP) & 12 & Infinite Strand DNA Activation

Energy Interference Patterning is a profound way at having a look at our ancestrally inherited genetic memory which is stored in our energetic DNA. By activating our 12 & Infinite strand energetic DNA, it allows our awareness of these memories to be raised resulting in access being provided to genetic memories inherited through our 44 chromosomes from our parents. 12 strand DNA activation also increases our psychic abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience & clairsentience and allows an awareness of the multi dimensional nature of our existence as human beings, beyond the denseness that are the restrictions of 3rd dimensional space and time. During an EIP, specific ancestrally inherited memory is discovered as being the root cause of current life time issues. Awareness is raised as to the strategy we develop to deal with these issues and the triggers that allow this ancestrally inherited memory to be brought to the surface in the form of energy interference resulting in challenges, difficulties and illnesses.

Any energies that are not serving our path to Light are then neutralised and returned to Source of Love within the 4th dimension and a new reality manifested in the 5th dimension. These treatments can be so profound as to enable instant results not just for the client but for all family members and souls, running the same pattern.

12 Strand DNA activations are a prerequisite for this kind of work as they activate access to cellular memory held within DNA. Whilst we hold all the memories of our forefathers (and our fore children !) within our infinite strand DNA, we have to be able to access it in order to return it, successfully, to Source.

Some crystals which can be used in conjunction with this are Quartz, Danburite, Charoite, Amethyst, Lepidolite and Apophylite, these stones will also help connection with your Higher Self and will aid in helping to ground in Soul Impulse.

12 & infinite strand DNA activation and Energy Interference Patterning, along with Crystal Energy Treatments and Crystal Card readings take place at The Crystal Merchant. Treatments can also be undertaken over the telephone and take about an hour or an hour and a half.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A pathway towards All Angels Day on 16th May 2009 and 5th & 6th December 2009

I had always been drawn, as a teenager, to the occult and the unknown, burning incense through my twenties and chasing a Spiritual but mainly material dream through my thirties and it wasn’t until my forties that I realised my pursuit of happiness was better served by going within, rather than the shallower pursuits that my material world had to offer.

A conscious beginning to becoming the path was kick started after an experience in a garden of a Gatehouse that I had rented. A friend of mine had made a chair, it can only be described as a Wizards chair, for that is what it looks like, made of oak and roughly hewn together, it is tall with a pointed top and has a magical feel, not unlike its creator, Andy. Sitting in this garden, on this chair, with a friend nearby, who is a Crystal Healer, I had a sensation like that I have never experienced before, being engulfed within the radiance of a very strong and vibrating shaft of light which seem to penetrate deep into the planet. It was like a prolonged, slow and exceptionally pleasant electric charge. At this point, my friend who was observing, and could see what was happening, said it was Archangel Metatron.

I had never heard of Metatron, indeed I always felt a little naive and embarrassed when my friend mentioned masters such as Jesus, Saint Germaine and others.

This experience really helped the way forward in setting up The Crystal Merchant, a shop and Light Centre specialising in Crystals and Jewellery, Meditation, Crystal Energy Therapy and Energy Interference Patterning. I had left the material world as I knew it and wasn't sure what I was going to do next, and when I returned from a weekend with a friend who had a crystal shop in East Sussex, I knew this is what I had to do, in my home town of Bury St Edmund's. I had made a list of requirements, the shop had to be in the old medieval part of town, between the two ley lines (The Michael and Mary ley Lines run from St Michael's Mount in Cornwall through Avebury, Glastonbury, Royston and Bury St Edmund's in Suffolk and out to sea at Hopton) in a historic building, requiring renovation, with a magical feel and accommodation above.The next day took me into Bury St Edmund's to follow up my quest. And there it was , a vacant shop, next to and in between the Michael and Mary line, in the medieval grid, requiring modernisation, living accommodation above and with a magical energy. This happened in September and after a short trip to India, I opened up on December 12th 2005.
In the summer of 2007, I went on holiday with my son
and, as we were driving to Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains during a rain storm, the car was completely engulfed in an extremely bright electric blue light as the car was struck by lightning. It was a beautiful experience to have shared together, leading, later in the day, to visiting the sacred site of Glendalough, founded by St Kevin in about 600AD. Whilst climbing up the other side of the mountain away from the tourists, we discovered a hidden and overgrown cave. We felt perhaps that this cave might have been used by St Kevin ! As we were walking down the mountain side I turned around and took the most amazing photograph of a rainbow orb of extraordinary detail and beauty(shown at the top here). I sent a copy to Diana Cooper who very kindly offered the following interpretation:

‘I have had another look at your amazing Orb and we have now been told it contains Archangels Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Metatron, Butalyil (who is in charge of the cosmic grids for Earth) and Gersisa (in charge of the leylines and grids in the centre of the Earth). It also contains eleven Masters. St Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, Maitreya, Melchizedek, Hilarion, Paul the Venetian, Dwjhal Kuhl, Serapis Bey, Lanto, Ashtar.
The Orb connects space to the centre of the Earth. It is helping to anchor the Metatron Cube. It is also helping to bring the energy of the four ascension planets to connect with Roquiel, the universal angel in charge of the centre of the Earth, Sandalphon and Lady Gaia.
It also contains an invitation to go into space during sleep.
This is an Orb to heal the planet.'

So, it was quite a revelation to get an interpretation such as this, especially because of my earlier experience of Archangel Metatron, my connection with all the Angels and masters mentioned in Diana’s description and, that I had adopted Metatrons cube as my business’s logo !

Back in September last year, 2008, I woke up one morning with a very strong impulse that I was to help organize an event with Angels, here in Bury St Edmund's, but at that time I had little idea what it was to be except it would involve Angels ! A few days later I was walking my dog in the graveyard between the Cathedral and St Marys church when I had another impulse that it should be a mind body spirit event. As I had this thought the bell in the small bell tower in the cathedral sounded 3 times, then 3 times then 3 times ! This happened at about 9.20. This must be a clear indication that these plans were in alignment with my Higher Self and The Universe. I went back to the shop and opened up for 9.30. Unusually, almost immediately, my first customer of the day came in, a lady who I didn’t recognize, asking for 2 crystal Angels !!! Well, I was stunned ! This lady actually chose and paid for 3 Angels when I asked her whether she worked with Angels thinking that I must ask her to join me in helping to organize this Day ! She then reminded me that we had done a crystal workshop together, we had even worked with each other trying out new techniques and she introduced herself again as Debbie Rye, who is a gifted geomancer and crystal energy practitioner as well as working with Angels. Debbie agreed and then we were two ! Shortly after, the Group developed to 9 and includes Jo Duffy, Linda Graham, Glenda Parkinson, Ria Wilson, Marie Huggett, Angela Hahn and Jayne Franz (creator of the beautiful Angel at the top of the page). I later found out from Glenda (who unsurprisingly had a childhood connection with Glendalough) that when the 3 bells sounded 3 times signifies the commencement of The Angelus in the church service !

All Angels Day
A Celebration of Light
Saturday 16th May 2009
The Athenaeum, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds
10 am – 5pm
All Angels Day is a new Mind, Body and Spirit fair with an Angelic difference. It is a day of inspiration, information, communication and an opportunity to spread Love and Light throughout the community.
This event is going to be held at The Athenaeum, a recently refurbished grade 1 listed building, on Angel Hill, in the beautiful market town of Bury St Edmunds. The main area is a Georgian chandeliered Ballroom with two large rooms upstairs to hold approximately 50 exhibitors. These will range from Angelic Readings, Crystal Energy, Reiki and Meditation to Crystals, Jewellery, Organic suppliers and natural products, with catering, supplied by The Self Centre.
There will also be an opportunity to attend workshops, taster sessions, story telling for children and activities designed to be uplifting, fun and inspiring to show a holistic, sustainable and Angelic way to health, happiness and prosperity.
For further information or to exhibit on the day, please visit
or ring 01284 752907
Entrance Fee: - £2.50 Children U12: - Free
A minimum donation of 20% will be allocated to 2 charities
St Nicholas Hospice -
East Anglian Children Hospices -

Friday, 13 February 2009

God Bless America !
Caught up in the spontaneity of the moment a couple of weeks ago (anybody wanting to try this, get some calcite, it helps remind us that spontaneity is the spice of Life !), I bought a ticket to Phoenix to attend a mineral fair in Tucson some two hours south, about 60 miles from the Mexican border.
For me, travelling to Phoenix was also a metaphor for releasing old energies and relationships that weren't serving my highest and best good. A Phoenix is a mythical bird with a tail of beautiful gold and red or purple and blue feathers with a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of myrrh twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young Phoenix arises, reborn anew to live again. The new Phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self and the bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe. The phoenix is a symbol of fire and divinity.
The city was named because in was sited on land occupied by the Hohokam peoples who created 135 miles of irrigation canals, making the desert land arable many thousands of years before, hence the Phoenix arising from an old civilisation and being reborn.
I hired a camper van and headed south to Tucson where I spent 5 days going around the most amazing mineral fair I have ever attended, sprawled out over hundreds of venues, hotels, parks and civic centres. In the evenings I would head out to the absolute silence of the surrounding desert, meditating, writing and sorting through my crystal friends. I had heard that it was snowing back in the UK and whilst the temperature dropped considerably at night, during the day it was in the early 80's !
Everything I saw in America was big, the cars, the people, the towns, the camper vans and above all the welcome smiles and friendly hello's. It was great to get there so soon after the election of Barack Obama, a beacon of Light and a force for Good, born in a particularly good year (the same as mine, an Ox !) from the land that epitomizes Healing, Love and the New Age that is Hawaii. Baraka is a middle eastern word meaning Blessings and amabo (Obama backwards) means 'I will Love' in Latin. These are indeed exciting and challenging times but what a wonderful endorsement of all that is great for the American people to elect a man of this kind at this time !
Love and Blessings

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sunrise at Oak Lane Labyrinth

Crystalline pictures on car roof

Quartz with ice crystals

Entrance to Oak Lane Labyrinth

Labyrinth Walk

As I awoke this morning, a thought came to me to walk Oak Lane Labyrinth, a Chartres style Labyrinth a few miles away in Rougham. I spent longer than normal in that state between states getting the physical body in gear and motivated enough to make the sometimes giant leap into daily consciousness !

What stones to bring with me ? Immediately Stromatolite made itself known. These are fossilised microorganisms (from Greek stroma meaning mattress, bed, or stratum, and lithos meaning rock) which are layered accretionary structures formed in shallow water by the trapping, binding, and cementation of sedimentary grains of blue-green algae. They are one of Planet Earths earliest known lifeforms are were extremely prolific over a billion years ago. They can still be seen in parts of Australia. The energy of these stones, for me, is that of connecting with our ancestors and the genetic inheritance that is ours. It also helps remind us that we are all from the same Source physically and esoterically. They are quite often used for grounding and problem solving, letting go of obsolete thought patterns and, in this case, for birthing new ideas. (The example that I took is in the shape of an egg !)

As I walked to the kitchen I was touched by the gentle lunar energy radiating from afar in the palest bluest sky and thought...Wow..its going to be a Magical morning !

As time continued its relentless course and the gap between now and opening the shop drew closer, I got to my car and was again struck by another burst of incredible beauty in the form of the most amazing crystalline pictures all over the car body and was just getting better and better....

It was with an air of expectation as the Labyrinth still lay hidden in its frosty splendour, as yet untouched by the Rays of the Golden Sun as I set off. The Magical Splendour of seeing the labyrinth layered with sparkling ice crystals and the crisp air was literally breathtaking !

For me, walking a labyrinth is like a pilgrimage and whilst the focal point is the centre, it is like walking and clearing the neural pathways, the joining together of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Unity. We become the Path rather than just walking it and we are drawn to appreciate the journey rather than the destination.

As our journey to Light begins we may begin to understand that this Journey is Infinite.

Having been in complete rapture at the beauty before me, the Sun appeared...... casting Light and reflecting rainbows through a myriad of prisms.

If you ever wonder about Heaven, it is here, within us all, reflected in the Glory of all that is before us !

Like any pilgrimage, all are warmly welcomed at Oak Lane Labyrinth and whilst there is no charge for being en-tranced, an energy exchange in the form of a donation for the upkeep is always a good idea. It may also be wise to call first as there are groups and meetings taking place within this gorgeous and sacred landscape.

With Love and Blessings



Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Amethyst is a form of Quartz with a rich and beautiful violet colour caused by the presence of aluminium and/or iron with earths natural radiation. For me, this magical stone represents all that is the New Age, representing the incoming 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic, leaving behind the 6th Ray of Devotion, the negative aspects of which, can be coercion and manipulation. For many, Amethyst is a protective and purifying stone, which can be used in conjunction with the Ascended Master St Germaine and his violet flame of purification. He can be called upon in meditation to clear any negative thinking by visualising the most beautiful violet flame cleansing away any unwanted negative energies.
One legend surrounding Amethyst relates how Bacchus, perhaps with a sore head after some serious partying, had suffered a slight of some sort, and in order to avenge himself vowed that the first person he came across should be devoured by tigers. As it happens, Amethyst, a fair and beautiful maiden, on her way to pray at the Shrine of Diana was passing by as the tigers sprang at her. Seeking protection from Diana, she was turned to a white stone to render the attack useless. Bacchus meanwhile, repenting after his cruelty and making an offering to Diana, poured the juice of the grape over the petrified body of Amethyst creating the gorgeous violet hue that we know today.

Amethyst has taken on the attribute of being able to protect people against the self sabotaging technique of drinking to excess. It acts as a reminder that contact with our higher self is of the utmost importance and that excess of any drugs, one of the most potent of which is alcohol, should be avoided. Anything that takes us away from knowing ourselves can lead to separation thus hindering our connection with Source and Ascension.

Gridding ones workplace with amethyst helps raise the energy of a healing room or bedroom. Place a stone in each corner and one on the ceiling in the middle (etherically if it isn't physically possible) and connect each stone together using a crystal wand and your intent. See a laser beam of light being transmitted from the tip of the crystal and see each amethyst being joined creating a square or whatever shaped room you have. I then connect each stone to the crystal on the ceiling (or on the floor above) creating a pyramid of light. With a sweeping motion I create a laser show of Light creating the apex of the pyramid. In my mind, every time you walk into this room, it will be like walking into a beautiful pyramid of amethyst light...feel the difference of energy for yourself ! In essence, this kind of grid work can be utilised with any crystal and over any space from a few meters to many miles. Oh, you can take this a step further...if using a pyramid, why not create an octahedron (perhaps refer to blog of 2nd of December), by visualising the bottom part of the pyramid mirrored, as above, so below...why not spin it...feel the difference !

With Love



Saturday, 3 January 2009

Having established one of the fundamental attributes of the crystalline structure of quartz, in being able to receive and transmit light (as previously written about-silicon chips as semi conductors) through a silicon helix of tetrahedrons, it becomes apparent that there is little difference between programming a computer with the aid of a 'mind' and a (possibly remote) keyboard, and doing the same with a quartz crystal. In the same way that we can delete information stored on our computers, it becomes necessary to do the same with crystals. Like computers they are not discerning and will store everything. The crystal will start receiving and transmitting light within the human energy field upon the intent being set by the operator. As this transformation of energy takes place, all the memories are stored within the crystal so it becomes necessary to have a clear out, retaining the new soul impulse and releasing experiences no longer relevant.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, the best, in my opinion is to use ones imagination and dream up a new and personal way, alternatively, the Sun is always an option, sunbathing for crystals is as enjoying as for humans, if you have spheres however, perhaps a little caution would be advisable if they are placed in direct sunlight, inside for example. They act like magnifying glasses, and can easily cause fires.

Moon bathing is another way, at the time of the full moon, this is always a good option because many people seem a little unsettled at this time, so by meditating and focusing with the crystals, this imbalance can be alleviated.

Finding a quiet, serene, spiritual, peaceful and harmonious waterfall in a beautiful and mountainous region in Paradise is another option....whilst this is one of the best techniques available, it is not available to all....or is it....? By visualising a walk along a mountainous path, approaching this dream like waterfall and gently placing your crystal under the cold and revitalising stream of crystal clear water and seeing any negative energies and experiences no longer serving you, leaving the crystal as beautiful rose petals or butterfly's. If you are particularly hot under the collar, take a little dip under the gently flowing water and cleanse your own liquid crystalline structure ! The particular beauty of this way is that by following this visualisation one begins to create this reality as part of our experiences...

After this, one can visualise a shaft of Light, from Source, streaming through the crystal and down into the centre of the Planet (see the same meditation technique for humans !) through the other side, around and back down through the stone.....This is aligning the Human and The Crystal into a harmonious frequency with each other, with all other crystals on the planet and in turn , with all other Humans and Life forms too...

Incense is good and so are bells, cymbals, gongs, bowls, music of a certain vibration, singing and toning too, if you ever set off the smoke alarm with too much incense or sage as I do, then you can also get a double dose of cleansing as the fire alarm goes off with the piercing screech enough to clear out any etheric cobwebs...

Remember...Planet Earth is a large sphere of a crystalline structure, The Love Light Energy is being magnified by all these sublime beings in total resonance and Harmony, when we program a crystal to serve in Light, lets expand this programming to all Crystals throughout the Land !

With Love



Tuesday, 30 December 2008


At the start of some of my meditations, I quite often call upon the energies of particular Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Star Councils and Christed Extra Terrestrials.

On the basis that ultimately we are all One, then all these Higher Vibrational Beings can be seen to be Higher Aspects of ourselves. As we begin to meditate on a daily basis and create the perfect environment, through Loving Awareness, for our Soul to be welcomed and honoured, we can raise our vibration and in turn, the vibration of Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

I quite often call upon the energies of Archangel Michael, and, as part of some of my metaphysical preparations, I see him in all his (my) splendour, holding out a beautiful Kyanite sword of personal power. Seeing this sword as an amazing electric blue, perhaps like a light sabre, I take the offered sword and put it in my hilt to the side of my body. By creating this resonance within our energy field, we will find it so much easier to reclaim our personal power, rather than giving it away to other people, self sabotaging techniques or perhaps the merry go round of self defeating thoughts keeping us in a downward spiral of gloom ! Hold this sword aloft, claim this Loving Power of Light and Beauty and let no person or thing take away from us that which is for our highest and best good !

Kyanite is a wonderful frequency for aiding communication between loved ones, our lower and higher selves, inner and outer, conscious and sub conscious and helps bridge the gap of understanding through the expansion of the ability to communicate inter dimensionally, from a place of Love, Power and Wisdom. It is a friend of the throat centre and the third eye. In times of particularly challenging communications, it could be a wise idea to sit in Meditation with this beautiful frequency and, by setting our intention at the beginning, connecting with the Spirit of the stone, enable the barriers to be penetrated, the sub atomic particles of the seemingly negative alignment to be revealed in their gem like and rainbow beauty and see how this perfect set of circumstances is, in reality, a Loving combination, set before us to initiate us to a Higher level of awareness.

With Love



Thursday, 18 December 2008

Cathedral Tower, Bury St Edmunds

St Michael Line, through the Norman Arch, Bury St Edmunds,
Bury St Edmunds Cathedral

Ley lines..…'in a nutshell’

‘In a nutshell’ ? The smallest pub in Britain (The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds) has been a centre of pilgrimage for many years but here, we are referring to the ancient Chinese art of creating miniature scenes in walnut shells and the ancient energies of the landscape of Bury St Edmunds. In perfect proportion, a forerunner to nano technology, the nutshell acts as a metaphor for the relationship between Humans & Earth, the microcosm of the macrocosm.

The Michael & Mary ley lines run from Cornwall in an essentially straight line through Glastonbury, Avebury, Bury and out to sea at Hopton. They were dowsed by Broadhurst & Miller in their book ‘The Sun & the Serpent’ discovering alignments with the Beltane Sunrise. Many of these sacred sites had temples & churches built there, some of which are dedicated to Michael (male) and Mary (female). In Bury, Mary travels down Abbeygate St & Abbey Gate, Michael down Churchgate Street, the Norman Arch & West front, ‘kissing’ in the crypt of the Abbey.

The Abbey site has been attracting humans by their electromagnetic fields & underground watercourses, this is one of the reasons why many of our churches are calm and peaceful places magnified by vibrations of prayer, singing and a love of God & Humanity. Like acupuncture needles stimulating our energy points, or crystals within our energy field, churches are doing the same with their towers, buttresses, windows and walls. Mainly constructed of silicon, (glass, sand or flint, & sand in limestone) receiving and transmitting light energy as large man made crystals and, when filled with people, this quartz will magnify the healing energy, transmitting it along the ley lines for the benefit of all.

Humans are conduits of energy & channelling this energy into earth leaves a footprint that can be discernable through dowsing. We could be seen as the semi conductors (a silicon chip) receiving and emitting light energy. If you want to feel the energies of these enormous crystals, visit your local church or cathedral !

Love Cosmo

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds take their name from an area in New York state. General Nicholas Herkimer, of German-American descent, a prominent land owner, fought during the American Revolution. They are referred to as ‘diamonds’ because of their shape and brilliance. The Mohawk Indians used these stones for trading, healing and ritual using them as attunement stones to attune themselves with others, their environment or activity. Herkimer style diamonds can be found in Mexico, Spain and Morocco.

Herkimers are a variety of quartz (silicon dioxide) with a hardness of 7.5, which is harder than most quartz varieties, and are fairly short, small and double terminated. Quite often they have black inclusions of carbon and can contain water. It is possible to go to New York state, visit the ‘mine’, hire a variety of tools and find your own. The stones themselves are located in what are known as vugs, or small caves. When these are discovered they can contain a few thousand ‘diamonds’ ranging in size from a few millimetres to up to 20 cm.

These crystals, are manifestations of pure, solidified spiritual light. They are one of the highest vibrational stones in existence and are ideal for use in layouts, dream work, meditation and balancing the energy field. They are also extremely good at magnifying the energies of other stones.

Herkimers, being electrical, can help activate any of the chakras, but are especially suitable in opening the brow and crown chakras. They are particularly well suited to creating inter dimensional doorways with their internal structure making them ideal for transmitting and receiving energy. Herkimers emanate the brightest crystal Light of the Divine Essence and wearing them can enable a constant connection to the higher spiritual domains. Angels are drawn to the pure etheric radiance of these stones, so where Angelic communication is sought, these can be used very effectively.

Herkimers are understood to still carry the Clear Vision from the Universal Logos. This means so much more than seeing clearly, it involves the highest possible connection into Light where there is no distortion from perceptions of limitation and helps transform ones vision beyond the physical, emotional and mental into perfect clarity and truth.

Love Cosmo XxX

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Chrysocolla, a hydrous copper silicate, is formed through the oxidation of copper. Its chemical composition is copper, oxygen, silicon dioxide (quartz) and water. Its name is derived from two ancient Greek words, chrysos meaning gold and kolla meaning glue. Chrysocolla was used in ancient times as a soldering agent for gold. Gold is quite often found in chrysocolla hence it is used in the detection of gold veins when prospecting. It can be found throughout the world wherever gold and copper are present.

In alchemy, the transmutation of lead into gold was quite often used as a metaphor for the transmutation of 3rd dimensional human being into higher dimensional light through ascension. Chrysocolla could be seen to be part of the alchemical process by means of its ability to show us the importance of mindful communication. (St Edmund here in Bury was thought to have ascended by means of a shaft of light, which is one of the reasons that Bury St Edmunds has been a place of pilgrimage for many thousands of years). Another gift that Chrysocolla teaches is that of gentleness, teaching that genuine power best expresses itself through the heart.

Chrysocolla relates to the throat chakra, our main communication centre. The front relates to taking responsibility for our personal needs. The back of the throat chakra is related to a person’s sense of self within society. This centre is about speaking our truth, being true to our beliefs and speaking with love, regardless of what others may think. The stones energy helps translate our thoughts into words in a profound and heartfelt way.

Chrysocolla is also closely attuned with the vibration of the earth, linking heart, throat and base chakras. This is one of the reasons that chrysocolla is so effective in relation to singing and chanting as it grounds any excess energy.

At this time of human evolution, revising our ways of communication in accordance with the power of the spoken word, will go towards creating that which we think about most. The direct correlation between our thoughts, and therefore our words, and our reality is key in the realization that when we change our thought patterns we can change our reality, transmuting fear into love and creating joy and harmony. Chrysocolla can remind us of this response ability. It can aid us in aligning the sacred sound of our voice with the Heart of the Universe.

With Love



Sunday, 14 December 2008


Over a quarter of our planet is made up of silicon, a wonderful mineral used as a semi conductor of light energy in the form of silicon chips in all our modern technology. Whenever we go to a sandy beach, look through a glass window, visit a peaceful church or switch on our computer, we are experiencing the energy of silicon dioxide or quartz as it is more commonly known.

When we use quartz within our energy field, with intent, we can extract negative energies, input positive ones, break up stagnancy, and help magnify the root causes of ailments and disease. At this time of planet earths accelerated evolution, quartz is one of the key tools to aid in the healing, balancing and strengthening of the etheric field. This field is a fine matrix of light energy surrounding and permeating our physical body. If we find it difficult being grounded into this 3rd dimensional reality, it could be that we have a blockage within our energy field preventing us being pure conduits of Light ( Love). With crystal energy therapy, the first place we look for these kinds of blocks are within the etheric field. As we begin to channel more Light, through this relentless acceleration of planetary energies, any blockages will be increasingly difficult to ignore. Like any electrical circuit, if Light (or electricity, for it is the same) cannot be grounded then it can cause a short circuit in the form of a tear or blockage in the etheric . This in turn can result in physical difficulties and cause us to give our power away…literally and metaphorically…. By using a pendulum to dowse and locate these tears, we can extract any negatives energies with candle quartz, input positive ones with clear quartz and stitch up the tears using a laser quartz point. In this way we can strengthen the etheric before continuing with balancing the rest of the energy vortices and corresponding subtle bodies.

We can also magnify our intent and manifestations by ‘programming’ quartz. By sitting and meditating with a piece of quartz and having a clear vision of what we want to manifest and holding that vision within the quartz, we can magnify the frequencies required for successful co creation. Quartz can also be used to increase the power of the frequency of any other crystal.

One of the main uses of quartz is in building materials so many of the houses we live in are silicon based. It could be said that many of us live in large man made crystals, receiving and transmitting light energy. Good examples of these are churches and cathedrals. Flint is predominately silicon, as is sand, with limestone and sandstone having much silicon too. With their towering spires and buttresses they are magnificent semi conductors of Light energy, hence their amazing ability to receive and transmit Light, with the aid of Humanity, throughout the planet along the transmission (ley) lines as well as grounding this Light into the centre of the planet.
With Love

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Ethiopian Fire Opals

As one can see from the beauty and brilliance of colour in the picture above, Opals have the most amazing ability to refract Light in the most gorgeous way possible ! It is easy to see the connection between this beauty and Love energy and the beauty and Love energy that is the incoming Soul Over Lighting the Personality Self. Opals have the ability to align the Root, Heart and Crown Chakra's enabling this flow of Light through the Human conduit to be grounded into Planet earth and transmitted to all other beings throughout the Universe.

The Australian Aborigines felt that the Stars, Universe and Love energy was governed by an enormous intergalactic Opal. Whilst this may seem a little outlandish to 3rd dimensional thinking, it may not actually be so far fetched.

The reason that Opals are able to refract Light so colourfully and brilliantly is because of their crystalline structure. They are formed when Silicon acid gel solidifies by loss of water, forming microscopic spheres of silicon dioxide (quartz) bonded together by hydrogen and oxygen (water) and gas. Some opals will fade over a relatively short period of time as the water evaporates causing cracking and loss of brilliance. Quartz, in turn, is made up of submicroscopic spiralling helix tetrahedrons (the platonic solid representing the Divine Spark and Fire) of silicon and oxygen. When these spheres (and tetrahedron prisms) are in alignment, this Light is refracted creating beauty that can only be equated with Love. It is this Love energy that the macro cosmic Opal in the Universe is reflected in the microcosmic Opal that we can see before us.

It is this affinity and direct resonance with Source that has given credence to the idea that Opals are able to transform seemingly negative vibrations into positive ones enabling the energy field of anyone coming into contact with this frequency to come into harmonic resonance with The Rays of Light being transmitted from the Sacred Planets.

It is fitting that the country that many believe to be entrusted with the safekeeping of The Ark of The Covenant should also be the source of such Enlightened stones.

With Love and Blessings

Cosmo Verner


Monday, 8 December 2008

Rose Quartz

As our Gorgeous Planet continues to be bombarded with the most amazing Love energy, Rose quartz, being the crystal of unconditional Love, not just for friends, family and children, but for humanity as a whole, is a reminder that we are all connected. This Love energy also connects us to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, the earth and the entire universe. It is a reflection of the Universe’s Love for us all and reminds us that we are all part of the whole, the oneness. The frequency of this stone interacts with the frequency of the human energy field, releasing any deeply held feelings of distrust and enabling the transmission of a more loving and compassionate vibration. This transmission then directly affects the inevitable reception of Joy, promoting an experience of Love energy.

Rose quartz activates the heart chakra and also opens the nurturing connections between the human heart, the earth’s heart and the heart of the universe helping us to feel whole, perfect and complete. The energy of Rose Quartz helps dissolve any feelings of separation or mistrust. When we release negative emotions or any feelings and relationships that no longer serve our highest and best good, we become clearer channels of light which enables us to raise our energy vibration and the vibration of the planet as a whole.

The energy of Rose Quartz helps release tension and stress as it calms and cleanses the auric field and subtle bodies. Its Love vibrations enable human cells to be reprogrammed with joy and happiness and may be programmed to help clear toxins in the cells of the body and to promote the release of impurities. It has been used in the treatment of vertigo and can help with disorders of the kidneys and adrenal glands. As an elixir (imbibing the energy of water with rose quartz), it can be used to clear the complexion and soften the skin. Why not pop a rose quartz tumble into your bottle of mineral water ?

Gridding ones office or work place with rose quartz (placing a small piece in each corner of the office and visualising a beam of light between them) may help bond its occupants together, creating a loving and cooperative work environment.. Gridding ones bedroom or house with rose quartz will help create a loving and harmonious atmosphere.

When combined with Moldavite, rose quartz can effect spiritual transformation and as we evolve, our energetic centre moves from the solar plexus centre to the heart chakra (we shift from being will based to love focused). We can then maximise the Hearts’ potential as the strongest generator of light in the body. Combining rose quartz with a grounding stone such as black tourmaline helps us to anchor divine love onto earth for the benefit of the whole.

Next time you have a bath, why not place a few pieces of Rose Quartz in it, visualising the bath water as a nurturing and Loving elixir, sparkling the human body with an energy of Harmony and Light.

Love and Blessings

Cosmo Verner


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Platonic Solids (In a nutshell !)
There are generally thought to be 5 platonic solids which go to making up the building blocks of the Universe, the idea being that if you break down The Universe into its constituent parts, you would end up with these 5 shapes, esoterically speaking. In my previous entry we created the octahedron and expanded it around us creating the energy of The Higher Mind and Knowledge, we can do this with all the other Platonic Solids too. Over eons of time these 5 shapes that go to make up our Being as well as all Energy, can get distorted, so by bringing these shapes into our consciousness, the perfection of these shapes can be restored to their former glory, leaving us whole and balanced. Also, if we are experiencing difficulties in a particular area , we can call on specific shapes to help us work through the problem.
The Cube or hexahedron, for example, having 6 sides, represents the element of Earth and helps remind us of the importance of strong foundations and can help connect us with all other beings on this planet as we all share the same Earth. If we are feeling ungrounded, another technique that may help would be to create a hexahedron and spin it with each point within our Golden Sphere of Light as before.
The Tetrahedron, having 4 sides, represents the element of Fire and the purification that fire can bring. It also represents the Divine spark of Light that we are. All our modern technology relies on the ability of the silicon chip to conduct Light as a semi conductor, well, quartz is silicon dioxide (one silicon to two oxygen) and this is one of the reasons that quartz is used to magnify healing energy or conduct Light in Crystal Energy Therapy. It is also interesting that quartz is made up of a helix of spiralling tetrahedrons, just like our DNA. A spinning tetrahedron around our energy field may help us become aware of our Higher Self, our Source and the Spark of Divine Light that we are.
The Icosahedron, having 20 sides, represents the element of water. It is a very cooling and calming energy and can help where fluidity and spontaneity is required. It can also help remind us that, once again, we are all connected through the water that we share, the Oceans and seas, the flow of the rivers. We are essentially reliant on water to act as a semi conductor for our Souls Light in the sense that our Human body is predominantly water.
The Dodecahedron, (main picture) having 12 sides, represents the element of Ether and The Universe. It can also help with discipleship or discipline and our connection with our Monadic Group. Again it can be a reminder that we are all connected etherically with The Group Consciousness and are indeed all One and Loved unconditionally by The Universe !
Love and Blessings
Cosmo Verner

Having established our grounding meditation on 1st December, we can now extend this visualisation by taking our attention to our Pineal Gland in the centre of our head and seeing a shaft of light connecting to the Alta Major at the back of our neck and then connecting with our pituitary gland at our third eye, connecting with our pineal again visualising a triangle of creation. Holding our attention within this womb of manifestation we can visualise a small octahedron, a back to back pyramid or a diamond shape (see photo above of fluorite octahedron's) and, seeing this shape in our 'minds eye' we can see it moving down to our Throat centre, through to our Higher Heart and into our Heart Centre.

Now we can expand this octahedron and expand some more and see it expand over our physical body and see it sit within the Golden Sphere of Light we have created earlier, seeing each tip sitting perfectly within the sphere and seeing ourselves sitting within it. Next, we can sound three Oms and as we do so we can visualise the octahedron spinning on its axis within the Golden Sphere...after the 3 Oms sit quietly and soak up the Higher Vibrational energy available.

If we are wanting clarity on a situation or experience, now would be a really good time to seek it.

The Octahedron is one of the platonic solids and it represents the Element of Air or Higher Knowledge and reminds us that we all breath from the same Source, another reminder that we are all One. Fluorite Octahedrons represent Self Discipline, Clarity, are effective for learning new information and help create Order from Chaos. Although they can be cleaved, they grow in this shape, as do some diamonds, magnetites and spinels.

With Love and Blessings

Cosmo Verner XxX

Monday, 1 December 2008

A few people have requested a simple grounding and connection meditation
Connecting with Your Higher Self

Centre in your Heart and see a beautiful sphere of emerald green Light, seeing a shaft of light connecting your Heart with your Higher Heart and seeing a sphere of fuscia pink light in this position

See a shaft of light connect your Higher Heart with your throat centre and see a sphere of turquoise Light, then connecting your throat centre to the Alta Major at the back of your neck and see a sphere of white Light here

Connect the Alta Major with the third eye at the front of your forehead just above and between your eye brows and see a sphere of indigo blue light

Connect the third eye with the Pineal gland (the base of the crown chakra) in the centre of your head seeing the pineal gland as an open eye facing up into The Universe surrounded by a beautiful Violet sphere.

Connect the pineal gland with the causal chakra a few inches above and at the back of the head seeing another sphere of Golden Light, then connecting with the Soul Star chakra 6 or 8 inches above this seeing a larger sphere of Golden Light, expanding this sphere to about the size of your head and now connecting with the Stellar Gateway a few inches above this, before projecting this shaft of Light through the ceiling into the floor above and out through the sky, the higher atmosphere, through space and time connecting with our Source of Light perhaps seen as a beautiful sphere of Golden Rainbow Light, like our Sun in the sky

Calling upon Angels and guides for direction and guidance setting your intent for this meditation…. Bringing down this Light through space and time through your higher chakras and back into your heart centre before continuing down to your Solar plexus and seeing a beautiful sphere of Golden Yellow Light down to your Sacral Chakra seeing a vibrant orange sphere of Light and down to your root chakra with a Golden red sphere of Light before connecting with the Earth star chakra beneath your feet and the Earth Vortex chakra a couple of feet below that. Seeing this shaft of Light penetrating through the earth, the chalk and the Earths crust seeing Planet Earth as a hollow earth with an amazing sphere that is the Central Sun of Pranic Energy suspended in the middle of the Planet….as above…so below….. feel this connection with You, a conduit of Light, connecting with Source and connecting with the Pranic Centre of The Planet…

And now continuing this shaft of Light through the centre of the Planet and through to the opposite side from where you are now, through the Earths crust again, through the quartz and the sand and the sea imagining a beautiful Fountain of Light emerging from the Planet, travelling 360 degrees around the Globe up to the equator, into the Northern Hemisphere approaching your crown from all directions before travelling back down through your Crown Centre back into the centre of the planet seeing this flow of energy as a continuous stream of Light…
Taking your attention to your root chakra and the Earth Star and the Earth Vortex and seeing this Light creating another fountain, making a sphere of Golden Light around your energy field and back down through your crown.